The solution for scanning negative optical soundtracks

The Sondor RESONANCES optical soundtrack scanner system reads all types of 16mm and 35mm optical tracks and eliminates image-spread distortion from soundtrack negatives.

sondor RESONANCES is a joint-venture product by the MIA Lab at University of La Rochelle / France and Sondor.
key features:
• for variable area and variable density soundtracks
• for silver halide, high-magenta and cyan dye tracks
• for prints and negatives
• retro-fit kits for OMA E and OMA S available
• output as WAV file, digital or analogue audio

Resonances for oma e and oma s includes:
• diffuse LED light-source built onto OMA S/E type headblock
• camera assembly holding 1024 pixel line sensor & makro lens system, with calibrated 16mm & 35mm positions
• PC system including required boards, keyboard/mouse and processing software
• Audio Interface for analogue, AES/EBU and SPDIF coax/optical output and monitoring
• 1 year hardware warranty and software support/updates

sondor. swiss made