Summertone offers a complete service for the refurbishment of any make of analogue magnetic head including, if requested, removal and resetting of the main heads on the head-block.

Commonly asked questions.

Q What is head refurbishment?
A The removal of uneven wear caused by the tape or film, the restoration of the original profile of the
head and fine finishing of the head surface. If you have any further questions, please contact us for Magnetic Head Refurbishment

Q Why is the original profile important?
A To restore the machine’s original frequency response, especially at low frequencies

Q What type of heads can be refurbished?
A  All tape heads from cassette to 2 inch multi-track. All materials can be worked including hard ferrite.
All film heads 16mm, 35mm, 70mm. Heads made of all materials, mu-metal, amorphous, hard and soft ferrite.
Heads for analogue recorders, high speed duplicators and video audio.

Q When is relapping advisable?
A If uneven wear, damage or a wide wear pattern is visible or if it is apparent that the set-up of the
head on the head-block is incorrect. HF flutter, especially on the outside tracks is an indication of
uneven and excessive wear. Refurbishment and realignment at an early stage will lengthen
the available head life.

Q How many re profiles can a head take during its life?
A Difficult to give a definitive answer, but normally two or three.

Q Is head relapping cost effective?
A Yes, refurbishment cost is a tiny fraction of the cost of replacement heads and the result is “as new”

Q How can I tell if my heads are suitable for rework?
A Simple viewing with a magnifying glass will identify wear, uneven wear and damage. Providing the
fine head gaps are not beginning to open, thus indicating that the head is at the end of it’s life, it will
be suitable for refurbishment. These fine gaps are at right angles to the tape path and are in
the centre of the tracks. Opening gaps can be identified by black lines becoming visible. An
example of a widened gap is shown in the accompanying photograph of a Studer 24 track head.
OR Send the heads to Summertone for a FREE assessment.

Q Do I receive a condition report on my head?
A Yes,an inductance reading and gap condition for each track.

Q Do I need to send just the heads or the whole head block?
A This is at the discretion of the owner. Summertone will refurbish single heads or offers a service to
reassemble the head-block , setting all the parameters – height, rotation, square ness, – leaving just
the azimuth to be set when the block is refitted to the machine.