BASIC Magnetic Sound Follower for Tele-cine and Film Projectors

Simple and cost-effective design – extensive control functions – locks to anything: 9-pin / video ref / bi-phase – rapid shuttling and locking – custom rack mountable requiring 13 RU only – optional audio pre-amplifiers – 2000 ft / 640 m film capacity – virtually maintenance free.
Optional accessories: remote controls, reel adapter, cleaning rollers, film counter, SMPTE time-code output, optical pre-amps, flight-case.

Transport:Format: 35mm
Capacity: 2000ft / 600m on cores
Speed: 24/25 fps play-speed
0-250 fps forward/reverse shuttle speed
Run-up time: <1sec.
Sync modes: Bi-phase in/out (2 & 10 pulse per frame)
RS422, Sony 9-pin device
Crystal / video reference
Remote control: serial 9-pin (Sony)

Dimensions: 1900×550x550mm
Weight: 90kg
Mains: 110V-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 300VA max.

wow and flutter: 0. 12% weighted
Frequency response magnetic* 40Hz – 16kHz: +/- 0.5db
noise linear : -74db
noise CCIR pp: -72db
red LED analog SR* 31Hz – 12.5kHz +-1/-2db
noise linear: 61db
noise CCIR pp: 52db
red LED Dolby Digital: to specs. Dolby CAT 702

* with SONDOR Audio Mk84/4 amplifier