ALTRA - the Sondor Archive Film to Video Transfer Machine

                            Specifications altra mk2
Applications: • Restoration of old and shrunk film in SD, HD and 2K resolution
• Dailies Transfer
• Film projector replacement in Dolby Premier Studios
• HD: 1920x1080 with downconverter to SD
• 2K: 2048 x 1080
• CMOS sensor with 5um x 5um pixels
• Quadruple on-chip 12-bit A/D converters
• DDS - digital double sampling
Film Types:
• Colour Print and Negative
• B/W Print and Negative
• Intermediate
• Free format or fixed scan ratios
• Windowed acquisition
Film Format:       • 16 mm, 35 mm or 16/35 mm   • 4-perf/3-perf/2-perf (35mm)
Capacity: • 2’100ft / 640m on cores Speed: • 24/25 fps • 0-250 fps forward/reverse shuttle speed (400 fps in 16mm)
Locking time: < 3 sec.   Sync. modes: • Biphase in/out  (1, 2, 10 pulse per frame)
• RS422, Sony 9-pin device
• Genlock (tri-level sync)
Machine Control: • Serial 9-pin (Sony)  • LTC (optional)
Light source: • Flashing RGB LED array with variable intensity and color balance
Dimensions: 1880 x 570 x 630mm   Weight: 140kg
Mains: • 110V-240VAC, 50/60Hz   • 70VA idle, 300VA max.
Audio (modular options)
35 mm:
• Mono/stereo reverse-scan, red LED
• Mono single track, tungsten
• Dolby Digital reader for DA20/CP650
• DTS timecode reader
16 mm:
• Mono optical, reverse-scan, red LED
• Magnetic edge-track (commag)
Audio Pre-amps:
• AES/EBU and balanced line level out
• SDI embedded
Direct output:
• 12-bit Bayer RAW
• HD-SDI with embedded audio 23.98/24/25PsF
• PAL SDI, Component and Composite
File Output from Marquise MIST Prime or OCEAN
• DPX, TIFF, TARGA, Quicktime
• Optional: JPEG2000, MXF , DCP
Color Management:
• Base correction through RGB light-source balancing
• Custom color setting via RGB
• Primary and secondary grading via
• Automatic batch capturing from EDL via MIST Prime
• Timeline based scene-by-scene grading and pan&scan via OCEAN
Archive Kit Containing counter-gates for all film formats, reduced sprocket roller to cope with dynamic film shrinkage up to 4% and adjusters for track position, width and azimuth for optical soundtrack reader
Restoration Tools: ImageMill2 integrated into deep OCEAN
Remote Control 9.5”/4U machine control panel
Mac/Win HID driver and mapping application for Tangent Wave Panel (Image Set-up / Machine Control)
Keycode Reader Aaton Keylink